How to Fix a Blocked Toilet By Yourself

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Sometimes we tend to ignore the warning signs when it comes to blocked toilets – whether at home or in the office. When you start to notice signs such as slow draining, difficulty flushing, water rising or unpleasant smell coming out from your bowl, you should pay attention. Here’s a quick guide on how you can unblock your toilet by yourself in case of an emergency. 

Thing is – if it’s just a minor blockage, chances are you can easily do it yourself if you follow any of the advice provided within this piece. However, if you have exhausted all options, it’s best to contact a professional drainage engineer or plumber. Although your best bet will be a drain engineer or specialist as they have extensive knowledge of other potential drainage issues that may be causing a blocked toilet. 

Before we look into some of the ways to unblock your toilet, let us see the common causes of a blocked toilet. 

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What Are the Common Causes of Blocked Toilet?

It is important that you know what could get a toilet blocked, that way, you can prevent it from happening in the first place. Usually, flushing foreign objects down the drain is the major culprit of blockage in toilets. Here are some of the list of things you should not force down your toilet: 

  • Excessive toilet paper 
  • Baby wipes or nappies
  • Toys 
  • Hand towels ( even if they are lightweight)
  • Sanitary products
  • Cigarettes 
  • Paper or cardboard 
  • Plastic items (including straws)

What to do if you can’t unblock your toilet?

If your attempts to unblock your toilet fail, it might be time to seek professional help. First, turn off the water supply to prevent flooding by locating the toilet flapper in the cistern tank and closing it. The flapper resembles a drain stopper with a chain attached. If you can’t find the flapper, turn off the main water supply via the stopcock and inform everyone that the water will be off temporarily. 

Don’t be embarrassed to call a plumber; they have seen and handled worse situations. A professional plumber can identify and resolve deeper issues, such as tree roots growing into your waste pipe. If the blockage persists or water backs up through other drains, contact Rescue Rod at 01202393541. Our plumbers are quick and efficient in dealing with major blockages, ensuring there are no underlying problems.


What are the Ways You Can Unblock a Toilet?

It is important to act fast when you notice any signs of a blocked toilet as this could easily result in more challenging issues. You can try some of the tips below:

1. Unblocking a toilet with a plunger

This is one popular way to unblock a toilet.

Start by running the plunger under hot water to soften the rubber, making it more effective. Next, place the toilet plunger so that it’s covering the hole completely (ensure you get a toilet plunger as this is different from a kitchen plunger). Once in place, grip the handle and plunge gently and steadily, applying a bit of pressure to dislodge the blockage. Test the success by flushing a small amount of toilet paper; it should flush normally if the blockage is cleared.If the water doesn’t drain after several minutes of plunging, it might be time to call a plumber or drain specialist.

2. Unblocking a toilet without a plunger

If you do not have a plunger, you can opt for at-home remedies. The most common home remedy for unblocking toilets is baking soda and vinegar. 

  • Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the toilet
  • Follow this with two cups of vinegar (you’ll notice some fizzing)
  • Wait for about 30 minutes
  • Lastly, pour boiling water down the toilet 

At this point, you should start seeing the water level go down. Then you can proceed to flush again. Unfortuantely, for severe blockages the problem may persist even after you try this. You would then need to contact a toilet unblocking or blocked drain specialist. If your toilet connects to a Cesspit or Septic Tank, they are in the best position to inspect, diagnose and fix the problem.

Expert tip: We do not advise the use of drain cleaners or other harsh chemicals as they may be highly corrosive and can tamper with the integrity of your pipes. 

3. Unblocking a toilet with a toilet auger

A drain rod or auger, otherwise called a drain snake is another device that can be used to unblock drains. Simply send the auger down the drain and when you meet the blockage, push or twist and pull back up to remove the blockage.

3. Use an Enzyme Cleaner

Unblocking your toilet using an enzyme-based product is a safe and eco-friendly solution. Enzyme-based cleaners, available at most hardware stores, use natural enzymes to break down organic waste in your toilet. These products are less harmful to the environment compared to chemical-based cleaners. To use, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, typically involving pouring the product into the toilet and allowing it time to work overnight. The enzymes will gradually liquefy the organic materials causing the blockage. Enzyme cleaners are effective on organic waste such as food particles, hair, soap scum, and skin cells but may struggle with tougher grease clogs and mineral deposits. Persistent blockages may require professional plumbing services.

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Unblocking Toilets in Poole & Bournemouth

A toilet blockage can not only disrupt your toilet’s functionality but also lead to unpleasant odors and water overflow. If you’re dealing with a blocked toilet and require toilet unblocking service, our fully trained engineers at Rescue Rod are available 24/7 to sort all blocked toilet and blocked drain related issues for both residential and commercial clients.

Our services include:

  • Unblocking toilets
  • Unclogging blocked drains 
  • Commercial and residential plumbing solutions
  • Repairing burst pipes and water mains

Beyond unblocking your toilet, our expert team can identify the root cause of the issue. If your blockage is due to old pipework or a sluggish septic system, we provide comprehensive drainage solutions in all areas across Dorset. With our comprehensive service and expert advice, Rescue Rod can handle all your needs, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Toilet Unblocking Service Bournemouth

Who deals with a blocked toilet ?

A drainage technician or plumber can unblock a blocked toilet. However, we do advise that you call a drain expert as some cases can be beyond a plumber. For instance, if it happens to be a case beyond just a blocked toilet where there may be something wrong with your sewage tank, a drain specialist can easily identify this. 

Can a toilet unblock by itself?

That will depend on what is causing the blockage. It is possible that if the blockage is caused by a water soluble material e.g tissues, it could clear up overtime as they dissolve. However if the problem persists, you should contact a drain specialist near you.

How much does unblocking a toilet cost in Bournemouth?

Generally, how much it cost to unblock a toilet will depend on the severity of the blockage and what it takes to clear. On average, you should expect the toilet unblocking service to be offered around £80-£100 per the hour. For more severe damage that require specialist equipment you may be charged up to £250

Is it okay to leave a clogged toilet overnight?

In most cases, there is no cause for alarm. You can leave a clogged toilet overnight and have a plumber near you come in to have a look in the morning. Simply avoid trying to flush the toilet again as you may run the risk of overflowing or flooding. More so, if you start to notice a water pipe leak, get a pipe repair specialist to look into the case. 

What other drainage services do you offer in Bournemouth?

You can call in for all kinds of Burst water main or Water pipe supply repair services, professional drain unblocking in Bournemouth, grease trap cleaning services, pipe lining and pipe replacement, etc. We all a full range of drainage and potable water services.