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At the heart of drain repair, the use of liners and patches has emerged as a groundbreaking method, offering both cost-effective and minimally invasive solution for damaged pipe repair. This innovative approach involves the insertion of resin-coated ‘bags’ into a pipe, which are then inflated to create a new wall, effectively restoring the flow within a compromised pipe.

Liners and patches can be used in circumstances where pipes have become damaged, but excavation may be impracticable or too costly. This method of drain pipe repair is particularly useful in addressing various issues, such as cracks in lines that permit root intrusion, leading to the obstruction of the drainage system. 

Looking at relining drainage pipes or need a drain pipe replacement? Give us a call today for a free quote. We will come in and have a look at your faulty drainage system in order to observe whether a simple relining can restore your drains back to perfect flow. We are well equipped and off the shelf can supply and install patches and liners up to 150mm with capacity to accommodate larger sizes when pre-booked.

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We are not just a Dorset drainage service company, our service areas are across Hampshire and Wiltshire. You can call for all drain relining, relining sewer pipes, drain pipe replacement, and all kinds of installation services. Further, going beyond mere restoration, we adopt a proactive approach to prevent future issues, making your investment worth every penny. 

Maintaining a core value of transparency, we offer clear information on drain relining costs without any hidden charges. Whether you are in need of drain repair services near you or seeking drain repair specialists, our experienced team is poised to address your requirements with professionalism and efficiency.